Our Work

Classified Advertising Mobile Application

The Challenge

The application has to provide an easy way to buy/sell goods using iOS and Android devices with high-end simple UI. User can get register in app manually or with Social media, post an advertisement and list the product they want to sell. Seekers can view the Ad and contact the person via Chat, e-mail or SMS. The app should be able to handle heavy traffic capacities and numerous uploads images/videos instantly.

The Solution

High-end UI was developed for both the platforms – iOS and Android so that it covers majority of mobile devices. We developed an easy-to-navigate user friendly mobile application with simple work flow. Upload an advertisement, displaying them in a consistent manner and then providing quick & easy way to interact with buyer through Chat functionality. This classified advertising mobile app offers different categories of online promotion based on free and paid memberships with the Push notifications of the messages received in the mobile app.

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